Stores and food items


Stores and food items on the Car Market AUTOPAPA

   There are 22 stores on the territory of Car Market AUTOPAPA where you can eat delicious food, enjoy cold drinks, get warm with hot tea or drink flavored coffee during your stay on the market.

 You will find all the necessary equipment in the shops, including TV sets. Here you can enjoy cold and hot drinks, watch TV in clean and cozy atmosphere, as well as you have a chance to place your ad as a periodically releasing video clip to introduce your business to a wide range of Car Market consumers.

 On the market days (Saturday – Sunday) draught beer and kvass are traded outside by the means of bikes, carriages and mobile points on the territory of Car Market.
 For the comfort of our guests we’ve made any form of payment possible, both cash and cashless.

 Information for dealers and advertisers

 Car Market is located on the territory which area is 22 hectares. We have all conditions to buy or sell vehicle. 18 shops operate on the territory, where you can find a wide range of production both for customers and sellers ofAUTOPAPA.

 Rustavi Car Market has been cooperating with the Caucasus leading companies and carrying out selling of their production. The providers have an opportunity to place ad of their production or service both on the LED displays located in the shops and on banners and facades of food items on the territory of the Car Market..


 Placing ad on the territory of our Car Market is a very efficient method to promote one’s production and further increase of the profitable part of your business. 

 We also have a Chaihana specially for the guests from Azerbaijan. Here visitors can have a rest in comfortable atmosphere and enjoy various sorts of tea which is served in a teapot. There are pictures of Azerbaijan on the walls to reproduce the spirit of this country.

 The trade points of the Car Market are provided with pharmacy departments.

 You have no need to worry about it either you are customer on the Car market or visitor of the Hotel AUTOPAPA, . You are able to get all the necessary medicines day and night by affordable price and without any prescription!

 Ask in stores on the territory of Car Market.

 For cooperation and detail information please contact:
 Tea Dzadzamia
 Corp.number: +995 591 70 62 25

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