Customs control zone

Customs control zone

 Mikado Georgia” is a custom control zone on the territory of Rustavi Car Market AUTOPAPA. It’s area is 6334 sq. M. 12043.32 sq. M. And 7943.0 sq. M.. The territory of Terminal is cemented and guarded by security 24 hours a day. There are all conditions to provide our visitors with the most rapid and full service . 

 Trade objects which serve customers are located in 10 metres from LTD Rustav Terminal Plus. They work on "one window” principle which helps the customers to get the necessary service or information immediately. Service agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is situated in the service center of "Bank of Georgia”. The first registration of vehicles is produces here. Qualified staff of the agency will help you to issue documents on import, export, re-export or to implement storage of your vehicle. Also you can take car license plates including paid ones.

 The clients of the customs control zone have an opportunity not only to pay for any services but also implement any bank operations such as opening an account, making transfer or currency conversion by a very high rate of exchange. You can cash out any transfers from foreign banks in 15 minutes as well as pay utility taxes. It is possible to buy new or used car by installment, providing only an identity card.

 The results of survey showed that not only citizens of Georgia are users of Rustav Terminal Plus but also visitors from neighbour countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia. There are several kinds of parking payment on the territory:

T1, T4 T21 
10 5 1
1 GEL for Electric Vehicles

 In the customs control zone, an auto transporter service consists of 100.00 GEL

 For corporate clients we can offer individual parking payment.


 Entering the parking, customer pays once 15 GEL for provision of service.

 If the debt exceeds 300 GEL car, the client will be charged an additional five (5) GEL commission for each day of delay. 

 The vehicles are temporary carried out from the territory of parking in order to maintain sales of the terminal (no more than 48 hours ).

 We create the perfect conditions for the development of vehicle business.

 Customs control zone works for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

 Ltd "Mikado Georgia”
 For cooperation or further information, please contact :
 Office: +995 591 11 06 25
 Contact person Irina Kozanashvili 
 Phone number: +995 591 95 98 82
 Facebook: Irina Kozanashvili

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Updated: 08.12.2019
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