Selection and delivery of a car from Georgia to Ukraine (port of Chernomorsk)


Сопровождение клиента


The price of the service includes:

  • selection of a car with all expenses for Carfax and diagnostics;
  • registration of export declaration in Georgia power of attorney in your name;
  • delivery from the territory of the AUTOPAPA car market to the port of Poti / Batumi;
  • payment of a ferry ticket to Chernomorsk (Ukraine).


Calculation of delivery to Ukraine:

   150 car delivery to the port and loading on the ferry;

   100 buyer accompaniment (200 remote service);

   445 ferry to Ukraine;

   +/-100 registration of the declaration incl;

Total: 795 (C.U.), (895 distance service).

Any of these services can be ordered separately, all together or in any combination.



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Updated: 15.12.2020
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