Restaurant Ukrainka

Restaurant “Ukrainka” on Rustavi Car Market


If you’ve decided to buy a vehicle on Rustavi Car Market AUTOPAPA and feel hungry, we will be glad to invite you to the restaurant “Ukrainka”, situated in the building of AUTOPAPA hotel.
You will remember our stylish interior, disco lighting, high-level service and the most delicious Ukrainian and Georgian dishes for a long time.
Our staff will always meet you with home hospitality and treat you to spicy and delicious generous Ukrainian and Georgian dishes.
We aspire to please our guests both with excellent dainty cuisine and availability of prices. Optimal correlation of price and quality will make you come back here again and again.
Here you can order a banquet as well as spend unforgettable children’s birthdays!

Restaurant administrator Tea Dzadzamia – “Contact me right now and order banquet or reserve a table”
+995 591 706 225
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